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»survivors of a winter of bad news now the long vacation« – European Climate Fiction

With Bruno Arpaia, María Bonete Escoto, Julia Fiedorczuk, Dilek Güngör, Vicki Jarrett, Maren Kames, Frank Keizer, Thomas Köck and Saci Lloyd

design europeanclimatefiction

Publishing of a Digital Essay / free on demand
In English

19. 08. 2020

Your thoughts: send us a photo of a place where the climate change is particularly evident, or send a question to the authors at

“What role could and should literature play in the age of climate emergency and which aesthetic strategies are suitable for it?” In the context of a literary master’s seminar »The climate crisis in the European literatures«, students at the Free University of Berlin in cooperation with the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin investigated this question and conceived a digital essay that sheds light on climate fiction from a European perspective. The content is subdivided into four sections with different focuses: the first focal point is the role of climate fiction in children and Young Adult literature. The emotions which are triggered by climate change are explored in the second section. The third section deals with the climate-related transformation processes of landscapes and social spaces and their entanglement. Lastly, the aesthetic strategies of writing in the Anthropocene and the productiveness of literature to speculate about time and space within evolved traditional forms are discussed in section four.

1. Responsibility – A question of generations? Climate Youth Fiction
With Saci Lloyd and Thomas Köck
Readings, Texts and Talk

2. Emotions in action – Feelings and engagement in the climate crisis
Wih Bruno Arpaia, Julia Fiedorczuk and Frank Keizer
Readings, Texts, Poems, Talks and quiz/survey

3. Entanglements – Landscapes und social spaces in the Anthropocene
With Dilek Güngör and Maren Kames | Essay by Elisa Weinkötz
Video installation, short story, collection of photos, talk and essay

4. Call in the desert – Writing climateTIMEchange
With María Bonete Escoto, Julia Fiedorczuk and Vicki Jarrett
Readings, short stories and talk

Moderations: Linda Farata, Irina Hein and Elisa Primavera-Lévy

Concept and Organisation: Johanna Bartsch, Vanessa Calzi, Isabelle Chastenier, Carina Cochu, Florina Evers, Olanike Famson, Linda Farata, Moritz Ganser, Markus Haiduga, Irina Hein, Lisa Knoblau, Stefanie Koch, Sarah Labude, Theresa Meschede, Jasmin Misch, Maria Rose, Helena Russ and Elisa Weinkötz

Seminary and Class Management: Mareen van Marwyck and Felix Schiller

A cooperation event between LCB and the Free University of Berlin as part of the seminar »The climate crisis in the European literatures« in the master’s program »Applied Literature – Contemporary Literature«, a joint study program of the Institute for English Philology, the Institute for German and Dutch Philology, the Institute of Romance Philology and the Peter Szondi-Institute for General and Comparative Literatures. The event is kindly supported by the British Embassy in Berlin, Ergotherapie Andreas Bormann, the Instituto Cervantes Berlin, the Italian Cultural Institute Berlin and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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