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FARE CINEMA 2021 | Reboot: Il cinema italiano riparte

A project in collaboration with the Fondazione Cinema per Roma presents the faces and stories of contemporary Italian cinema to an international audience.


Ten conversations, ten prominent faces, ten different professionals of contemporary Italian film industry: conceived and produced by Fondazione Cinema per Roma, ‘Reboot. Il cinema italiano riparte’ (Italian film industry is back) is an original project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, part of the thematic program of Fare Cinema 2021.

A gallery of short video portraits provides the international audience with anecdotes, curiosities, set secrets, the origins and evolution of work on set: a choral video exhibition involving directors, screenwriters, set photographers, costume designers and producers, once again illustrating the collective and collaborative dimension of Italian filmmaking. The protagonists interviewed include: Pierfrancesco Favino and Anna Foglietta, actors; Daniele Ciprì and Daniele Luchetti, directors; Mirko Perri, sound editor; Fabio Lovino, set photographer; Pietro Valsecchi, producer; Massimo Cantini Parrini, costume designer; Maricetta Lombardo, sound technician; Nicola Guaglianone, screenwriter.

The cycle of interviews is completed by ‘Il nuovo abbraccio del cinema: dalla pandemia al set‘ (The new embrace of cinema: from the pandemic to the set): two video contributions present the reflections of important representatives of Italian film on the pandemic crisis, its effects on the industry and the creative professions. An intimate and original look devoted entirely to our ‘seventh art’, to its fragility and its resilience.
The video series can be accessed and viewed freely on the italiana Vimeo channel and the YouTube channel of the Italian Cultural Institut Berlin.

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