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„Living the Italian way… your own way!“ Video Contest by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Let’s start with a simple question: what does „living the Italian way“ mean to you?
Perhaps you are passionate about art and have always dreamed of visiting and experiencing Italian cities and their artistic and architectural treasures. Maybe you love being on top of the latest fashion trend, and that unparalleled Italian touch is exactly what meets your style. Or maybe you’re more a lover of speed, but to this, you want to add the beauty of design with the perfection of technology, and immediately think about Made in Italy! Or…

Here, these dots interest us much more, because we want you to tell us what „living the Italian way“ really means to you. We want you to do it through video content that tells us your point of view, or that of those around you.

You do not need to live in Italy, or even have been there, to answer this question. This project aims to collect new visions and perspectives on the concept of #vivereallitaliana (Living the Italian way) from every part of the world.

Make a video (lasting between :40 seconds to 2 minutes) to tell what the “Italian way” is for you. We do not want to give you rules or guidelines, because we want to know your emotions and your point of view.

Just a suggestion: try to think beyond the usual themes related to Italianness – fashion, cooking, art… – we’d love to hear about the excellence of Made in Italy, but, with your history; we would like to discover something more.


  • Organisiert von: Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione